Saturday, February 24, 2007


Tomorrow is D Day! I am off to Music City itself. Nashville!! I am attending this year's Country Radio Seminar which seems to be three days and four nights of wild radio and music fuelled fabulosity.

I am also hoping to meet up with Trish from Struggling Writers on eHarlequin and also James, an old colleague of mine. He is promising me BBQ.... yum yum.

CMR Nashville might be putting up a blog of what we are up to. Once I know for sure I will get on here and post the link.

I still haven't packed or finished doing my shows... eeek!!!

Oh and I have a leak in my flat... I see this being a very long evening...

P.S. The trip to New York was fabulous. Myself and the Bloke had a fabby time with lots of cocktails :-)

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Nell Dixon said...

Have a great time, Biddy!