Thursday, January 25, 2007

Blog Entries Blown Into A Tissue

OK I will try and explain the title of this blog entry....

This weekend just gone I was going to blog about past relationships and how strange it is to view them from the gap of thirteen-some years... then the said bloke involved actually contacted me which was a little freaky.

So then I was going to blog about how strange coinkidink things happen, you know that sort of thing... your thinking of someone and they call. Spooky. Connected. ESP... But then I realised I hadn't finished my tax return.

So then I was going to blog about paper mountains and shredding, this is the after effects of the search for my info for the taxman.... But then I caught a cold.

So all I can do is sneeze, cough, splutter and all my blog entries are lost somewhere in a sea of scrunched up kleenex.


As you were.


Anonymous said...

See you're Irish Biddy so you're part witch! The ESP stuff comes natural. Dublin is suffering withdrawal symptoms, you have to come back soon!
x Daisy

...guy of 13 years ago said...

I couldn't agree more about the witch comment