Saturday, December 02, 2006

What Happened To This Year????

One minute it was summer and now we are in December... and I'm not quite sure how that happened!! I mean I KNOW how it happened, a Physics A'Level means I have some clue about this stuff. However I am wondering whether working too much has an effect on the Time-Space continuum???

Anyway... enough of that! What is now looming in front of me is the whole Christmas thing. Anna Lucia is the Queen of Christmas and revels in the whole thing whilst I love Christmas but just can't get organised. As soon as I have to buy presents for people my mind goes blank, my palms sweat and I start think that various bits of awful knitwear are EXACTLY what people want *sigh*

So how do you deal with the present buying minefield?


Suzanne said...

So far, I am just Totally Avoiding It......

Biddy said...

Ahh that Avoidance Factor... mmmmmm seems like a good idea. And how exactly does that get activated?

Oooo and hello Suzanne!! *waves madly*

Nell Dixon said...

I love vouchers. You can get them for anything now and it's amazing how happy a load of prepaid car wash coupons can make someone lol.