Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas Drinkies

I am off in a minute for some Chrimbo drinkies at the wonderful Liz's. I will of course be extremely wellbehaved. Well I have to be as I need to be on a train to Cobham at 8pm.

Any gossip, news etc will be reported back. As you were.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bridge, I do hope that you will be well behaved. Do you realise that we haven't had Christmas 'drinkies' for thirteen years!?! Have a nice Christmas x

liz fenwick said...

You call knocking over the tree well behaved??? Great to see you.


Biddy said...

Thirteen years?? Blimey!! So who are you though?? Or was I that badly behaved the last time?

Liz - I didn't touch the tree!!! I can't help it if it felt the need to be closer to me?? I hope the rest of the evening went well. I enjoyed it and wish I could have stayed longer!