Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Day Of Fun - Biddy-style

Today has been a fun day!! It started with walking the dog in a crisp and frosty St James Park, I even managed to catch part of 'Changing of the Guard' which is always fun. The marauding hordes of tourists that challenge the murder of crows that haunt the park for the most scary residents.

Lunch was had whilst re-watching 'Battlestar Galactica' (the remake), nothing like Jamie Bamber to aid digestion.

Kicked country radio ass at the hospital!! WOOOOOOO!! An hour on the history of the CMA awards and also this years winners, then an hour of the charts. I recorded it and have entered it into the Golden Mic awards. Fingers crossed I retain my 'Best Specialist Show' award.

Without a pause... off to the cinema for the latest Harry Potter. Interesting... it should have been darker than the last one, while some of the effects were, the tone of the film was more action/adventurey. Good though. Felt there was more chemistry between Hermione and Harry than Cho or Ron.

Out of cinema and a late noodle dinner and with increasing digestion... HOME!! I am now drinking wine and watching the extended highlights of the CMA Awards. Best time of the year! Already heard Kenny Chesney and Willie Nelson.

What a great day!


Kate Hardy said...

Sounds like a brilliant day.

Let us know how you get on with the award!

Re HP - I've held off because I expected it to be a lot darker than the last one and want to check it out before I tell the kids yay or nay. Too scary? (They've seen The Mummy on small screen and were fine about it. So if it's not scarier than that...)

Biddy said...

I haven't seen The Mummy so I couldn't comment. DO the kids know the story? If they do then it what happens shouldn't be a shock but if they don't...

Sela Carsen said...

That does sound like a brilliant day. Can't wait to watch HP myself. As to The Mummy, ds5 was fine, but dd8 had nightmares for half a week.

Victoria said...

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