Friday, August 05, 2005

A Plea From The Management: The Rules

About 18 months ago I went through a little bit of a bad patch in the romance department, as opposed to the barren patch which I am currently travelling through. During this car crash/accident scene/horror movie period in my life (moi? over-dramatic? NO!) I came up with a list of rules which should govern all my actions from here to forever after. I printed them out and stuck them on my wardrobe and my mirror so they could stay with me when I was weak (which is often). I even toyed with the idea of writing a short story based on each of them.

Then I slowly stopped reading them. They were taken off the wardrobe and condensation caused a slow disintergration of them in the bathroom. I became complacent.

I could cope. Couldn't I?

This week has shown that I am currently racing with faulty brakes towards what looks like an oil slick on the Heartbreak Highway. I am hoping it is just weakness brought on by a cold and the slick is really just spilled olbas oil. But just in case and to help me avoid it, I am re-stating The Rules.

The Rules

1. Stop obsessing
2. Stop trying to romanticise things
3. There is NO double meaning in what he says
4. Be objective - if this was happening to a friend what would you tell them
5. Be yourself, don't apologise
6. His loss

If you would all please remember to SLAP ME with these if I seem to be straying from them.
The Management thanks you all for your time and hopes normal service will return soon.


Julie said...

Any time, dearest. Any time.

Remember The Rules! The Rules are The Truth!

Biddy said...

I know!! I am trying to stick to them but I was tired and I had no Julie in the country to slap me!!

Kate Walker said...

Definitely - but *definitely* his loss!!

I'm quite prepared to slap you any time Julie's not in the country - and Dylan will come and sort you out too

Biddy said...

Much splapping due to come my way then if I slip. :)