Monday, August 22, 2005


Last night around 3.30am I had this vivid dream. It woke me up, I thought about writing it down but decided I wanted sleep more.
Back in the land of slumber I had the same dream again and again, each time the story was added to.
Then I dreamt that my sister had had the same dream so we compared our dreams.
After this I dreamt it again.
At about 6.30am I decided to take the hint and stumbled into the living room for a notepad. I wrote it down by the early light coming through the curtains.
I fell back to sleep and found that the story carried on.
I found myself jumping in and out of the shower this morning adding more and more notes to the dream.
All day it has been nagging me, pulling at me.
I wouldn't mind but this is a thriller and I don't have time for it!!


Anonymous said...

Is it a good story?

Lori :)

Danica said...

LOL! I hate it when that happens! Good luck getting rid of it (or getting it written!)

Biddy said...

Hi Lori! It is an EXCELLENT story! But I need to finish the wip I have.

Danica - It has never been this bad. I have the notes for it on my laptop so maybe it will get written... one day.