Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Wet Dog Smell...

A picture of a dry Bella

It's been a little damp in the Big Smoke today but as I am dog sitting I had to go out in it. At about 9.15am this morning it was a light drizzle, so myself and Bella strode purposefully to St James Park. I had this great idea of heading through there, then Green Park and then Hyde Park. Sort of check out the dog walking fraternity ;-) out that way.

At about 9.30am this morning as I'm buying a latte at one of the little coffee booths in St James Park the drizzle became driving rain. But a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do and that is play with large sticks. I'm juggling a latte, an umbrella and a wet slobbery stick whilst the black and white sodden mutt bounces around me making lunges for her toy, tourist are laughing, policemen are laughing, I give in and start laughing.

We squelched our way into Green Park but I decided Hyde Park was a wet green place too far, so lots more stick throwing and bouncing later we head home.

My flat now has a drying umbrella, drying trainers and a sleeping dog giving off that drying dog smell.

I'd better get a good present from Switzerland in return for dog sitting.


Michelle Styles said...

Ah but the dog looks goregous. Wet dog smell is sort of like wooly jumpers drying. My two are lying in the study, pretending to be asleep but really hoping I will take them on a walk!

Biddy said...

But she KNOWS she is gorgeous and plays up to it.
She has a look we call "The Princess Di - There are 3 people in this marriage" look. Head down and eyes looking upwards.

kate hardy said...

Gorgeous pic - reminds me of the first dog I ever had (when I was 3). Wet dog smell... yeah. I know that one. At the moment, from a dog who's sneaked in when he knows he's supposed to dry off in the kitchen first. But also he knows we're being superkind to him at the moment now he's an only dog, so he's getting away with it.