Sunday, June 19, 2005

Radio Stuff!!

As some of you know I volunteer every Saturday afternoon at a local hospital radio station. The radio station broadcasts to the patients and into some of the areas in the hospital. Hospital Radio seems to be a particularly British institution one which is the spawning ground for radio presenters.

Yesterday I schlepped to the hospital battling with heat, late buses and as usual my large backpack full of CDs. I rushed round sorting out the studio and then started broadcasting.
What I should explain now is that I broadcast a "specialist music" show. It is Country music. Yes in the UK, Country music is a specialist music genre. Ho hum.
About an hour into the show I had a visit from a patient. He wanted to thanks us for keeping him sane for the last week whilst being stuck attached to a drip.
"How nice." I thought, not many people come and tell you that.
He then went on to explain that he was a presenter on the radio at another hospital.
"A fellow DJ!" I exclaimed, "I hope you don't mind Country because that's what I play."
He stopped dead and explained that he was the country music presenter for his radio station!
"Blimey!" I shouted and then ran for the mixing desk as I realised the song I had playing was coming to an end and I hadn't queued anything up.

So we spent a delightful hour discussing music, listening to the music I was playing and enjoying chewing the fat with someone just as mad on music.

If I get a chance I might pop into see how he's doing this week. His wife lives too far away to visit every day.

Reminds me why I give up my Saturdays.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful affirmation that you are doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Lori :)

Michelle Styles said...

I agree with Lori --it is that sort of story that brings tears to your eyes.

How wonderful for you and for him.

Michelle said...

That's really fascinating about having a hospital radio station. I haven't seen (or heard?) one of those in the U.S. yet. Great story about the patient. :)